Frameless Glass Railing – Branford CT

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We just installed a 12″ high frameless glass railing on a second floor deck in Branford CT. We used 12″ high tempered glass panels supported with two stainless steel posts that were secured to the top of the wall. The result was an attractive and strong frameless glass railing that conforms to all building codes.

The top of the wall was trimmed with copper flashing. The posts are secured in place with two lag screws hidden by a cover plate. The glass is clamped between the two sides of the posts and held securely.

Once lined up, leveled and secured the glass panels were cleaned and coated with Diamond Seal nano coating to repel water and keep the glass and stainless steel clean and polished.

The homeowner wanted to conform to the building codes but did not want the view of the water obscured by railings. Frameless glass railing was the perfect solution.

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