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Business Opportunities in Glass Fencing

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US Glass Fence has a business opportunity for contractors who would like to learn to install glass pool fencing.

Glass fencing is the latest and hottest trend in pool fencing. Frameless glass fencing from US Glass Fence is simple, safe, sophisticated, immensely strong, and almost maintenance free. It is also a great business opportunity.

Full Support & On-The-Job Training

US Glass Fence is a leading installer and supplier of all glass fencing components. We offer a full support service covering on-the-job training, supply of specialist tools and equipment, supply of materials as well as marketing and sales support. Everything you need to be successful in glass fencing is available through US Glass Fence.

Become Part of a Growing Market

This is a very profitable business opportunity in a growing market. Many homeowners are choosing to install glass fences around their swimming pools because of safety concerns and because of the attractiveness of glass fencing and the unobstructed view of the garden that it offers. Customers who choose glass fencing are always very satisfied with their purchases. Now is a great time to enter the market while it is still developing.

Do not be fooled into thinking it is easy to install glass fencing. It is not easy and requires some specialist tools and training. Unless a glass fence is precisely level, straight, plumb and uniform it will lack the visual impact it deserves. We have developed tools, equipment and techniques that will ensure perfect results every time.

We are also the only distributor of materials that offers an installation service. This gives us a unique hands on perspective that is unmatched in the industry. Fast installation, perfect results, and happy clients. What could be better?

Business In A Box

This is a great opportunity for contractors who want to work for themselves. Our “business in a box” package will train and equip contractors to install glass fencing. US Glass Fence will also provide on-the-job training, a website, and sales support. We can support contractors with advertising, estimates, technical support, and on-site physical support. Plus when you get your first project we will be right along side you helping to complete the installation.

Become a US Glass Fence Authorized Installer

  • Expand your business
  • Full training and support
  • The hottest trend in the home improvement market.
  • Full marketing and technical support
  • One stop supply for everything you need